I love cool ideas. The kind that make you smile, make you laugh, make you think, make you sweat, or make you crazy.

But there’s one thing I love even more: Ideas that stop you cold and compel you to act. Because if even the coolest idea doesn’t do that, nothing much happens. And that’s not cool.

I admit I may be a little biased on this subject. Because I’ve spent my entire career developing engaging creative solutions that produced extraordinary, measurable results for blue chip brands.

Along the way, I’ve won all the requisite awards and I’m proud of each and every one. But I never forget that they were hard won in the service of brands that demanded success in the no-holds-barred marketplace. And that’s where you win the most coveted awards of all.

So it goes without saying that I have an unrelenting focus on moving the needle for my clients. And while all marketing problems are different, my approach to solving them is essentially the same. First identify key strategic insights, and then translate them into unexpected ideas that tell the brand’s story across all touch points. The payoff is work that works.

After all, ideas are cool. But results are cooler.